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Mitch wants to give a voice to young millennials in the area of mental health. Mitch is a full time social entrepreneur. He is currently studying a Masters of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University in New York, and has recently founded an international not-for-profit mental health campaign to eradicate stigma called the ‘Heart On My Sleeve Movement’. Mitch’s ultimate dream is to change the face of mental health by empowering others to overcome suffering and help them re-imagine the healing power of the mind. He is uniquely positioned to bring a firsthand experience of mental illness, with an educated academic understanding of the science behind problem & treatment, mixed with a comprehensive business, storytelling and tech background that allows him to build a platform to connect with people in an authentic and powerful way. He is available for speaking appearances, interviews, writing for publications, guest features and much more.


Mitch is an experienced presenter and public speaker. In his previous career, he spoke on stage at events like Sydney Fashion Week, Adobe MAX conference, Microsoft launch events etc. He is now bringing that experience to the field of mental health. Mitch is open to talk at conferences, business events, industry trade shows, and various other formats. He has a range of content that can be delivered in the area of personal growth, motivation, mental health issues and practices, intersection between technology & psychology, understanding millennials, building a startup, transitioning careers etc. Custom content can be tailored for the purpose and message of the event. 


Statistics show the mental health is affecting almost every single person we come in contact with, or work with, in some way. Even if it doesn’t affect you personally, having an understanding of how other people think, feel and behave is extremely relevant in our personal life, and our working life. Mitch has built programs and has expertise in helping teams and businesses learn how to communicate, support and manage other individuals, and how to form healthy functioning relationships. He also helps others recognise their own personal areas of growth and how they may approach. Mental health illness are the leading causes of disability worldwide, and is an extreme tax on international productivity. Investing in this area has a vast array of benefits. 


Mitch is available to guest feature on online publications, blogs, TV, radio, print and other media outlets. 

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