About mitch

“Somewhere between neurotic and iconic”

Mental Health Advocate
Founder of the ‘Heart On My Sleeve Movement’
Social Entrepreneur | Vlogger | Speaker | Consultant | Weirdo

“My personal experience with mental health led me to feeling so helpless & stereotyped in a cold/clinical environment, therefore deterring me and prolonging my introspection. But it doesn't have to be like that”

On the outside

Mitch lives a very “normal” life as a 27 year old Australian boy (born and raised) currently living in Sydney. After graduating with a Commerce degree, Mitch joined the technology industry for 7 years, working as Global Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft – leading some of the company’s biggest launches. He spent 2 of those years in Seattle, USA – traveling around the world between Milan, New York and London – mixing with the world of fashion, sport and media – living the dream in his corporate career. He has now changed career to follow his true love: psychology.

Mitch has always had too many passions and not enough time (a text book multipod). Mitch is a certified Yoga teacher, runs a DJ business on the side, plays the guitar & drums, daily meditation junkie, fashion tragic, running addict, pasta enthusiast, tattoo lover, writer and socialite. Family & friends are the most important thing in his life. Described by many as an overachiever, Mitch has reached the heights of several fields. He has keynoted many events, is an honour roll recipient at Sydney University for academic success, received several industry marketing awards for his work at Microsoft, built a stable portfolio of property investments, visited more than 20 countries to-date, represented Sydney in squash, and completed the NY marathon. His proudest achievement is doing a handstand whilst beat boxing in front of Cara Delevingne in Brooklyn NY at 3am in front of a hot dog stand.

Sounds good, huh? But that’s not the full story… lets be real

On the inside

Mitch has struggled with some of the most severe & debilitating mental illness symptoms for most of this life. This has largely been in silence and isolation, until recently. Mitch had a genetic predisposition to mental illness, with both sides of his direct family suffering from a range of conditions including: PTSD, Agoraphobia, and Depression. At the age of 5, he experienced what is now known to be the first incidence of childhood trauma. By 9 years old, he had developed chronic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – which left him constantly performing unusual rituals to deal with a confusing and burdening sense of guilt, sadness and anxiety that he was carrying & couldn’t explain at such a young age. After seeing a doctor, Mitch started to realise very early that he wasn’t “normal”. However, he did a very good job at hiding his insecurities, and lived an exceptionally regular and pleasant schooling life, becoming an expert at hiding his inner demons – even from himself. In his late teen years (around the age of 16), it all caught up to him, and he started to have frequent and random panic attacks, just before his final school exams. With the support of his parents, he managed to finish school, hoping the anxiety would subside, but unfortunately it did not. Mitch continued to overachieve, so put off dealing with the internal day-to-day anguish he faced. But the anxiety kept digging in it’s claws – sending Mitch into periods where he thought he was crazy, going insane and would lose touch with the life that he so desperately wanted to lead. Mitch was also diagnosed by a few psychologists as “profoundly gifted” which in itself is a double edge sword – proving his mind to be a useful tool, but dangerously over analytical. In mid 2016 – the band-aids fell apart, and so to did Mitch’s ability to cope. It all got too much, and he broke down to what he thought was a point of no return. He hit the ‘big red button’ and finally reached out and said “I need help”. It has been a very long road, of which he is still walking, but he has made huge progress with the help of an extensive personal & professional team in learning how to manage his anxiety and other challenges. Resilience and will to turn this suffering into growth – for himself and others – has been what has got him to this point.

“I don't know all the answers. I am just like you, learning as I go. And this is the journey of healing together.”

On the other side

Mitch has left the corporate world and is now a full time social entrepreneur. He is currently studying a Masters of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University in New York, and has recently founded an international not-for-profit mental health campaign to eradicate stigma called the ‘Heart On My Sleeve Movement’. Mitch’s ultimate dream is to change the face of mental health by empowering his fellow millennials to overcome suffering and help them re-imagine the healing power of the mind. He is uniquely positioned to bring a firsthand experience of suffering from several chronic mental health conditions, with an educated academic understanding of the science behind problem and treatment, mixed with a comprehensive business, storytelling and tech background that allows him to build a platform to connect with people in an authentic and powerful way.

want to work with mitch?

Mitch wants to give a voice to young millennials in the area of mental health. He is available for speaking appearances, interviews, writing for publications, guest features and much more.